Confidently Communicate with Your Spirit Guides and Understand Their Messages

in 7 weeks

[without wondering if you made it all up, confusion about which impressions and information to trust, or the frustration of crickets when you need answers!]






Dear Seeker,


You are in the right place, if...


You’re an heart-centered Soul with a spiritual growth mindset, who is tired of the struggle of second guessing yourself, and who's  ready to experience the unshakeable peace that awaits you through  connecting with the infinite wisdom, guidance, and support of your Spirit Guides.    


Imagine this: 

  • Having access to crystal-clear clarity when making decisions
  • Feeling guided by a loving and benevolent presence
  • Being connected with the highest guidance available to you



Whether You're a ...


  • Sensitive Soul with a higher calling.¬† You have a relationship with your intuition, but it still feels inconsistent.¬†¬†
  • A Coach, Healer, or Lightworker who wants to step into the fullness of their spiritual gifts, so you can guide and support more people with confidence.
  • A progressive person who wants to expand into Spirit Guide communication, but is looking for the real-world guide that makes sense and can work for anyone (even if you have never done it before)
  • A spiritual who has read books about intuition and Spirit Guides, but without personalized support, ended up hitting a wall and still struggling with discernment and confidence.


You're in the right place and I'm going to share how exactly the How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides course will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to communicate with your Spirit Guides with ease and confidence. 


By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A complete understanding of how Spirit Communication works

    Feel empowered by understanding the process, so you are prepared for a lifetime of positive connection and communication with your Spirit Guides.  
  • Met your Spirit Guides and established daily contact with them

    Receive daily support and wisdom to guide your  decisions and manage stresses and concerns. 
  • Become familiar with the unique language of your Spirit Guides

    Understand your Spirit Guides' meaning and messages, so you don't have to guess when you need to make important decisions. Accuracy is key!
  • Understand how to receive validation for the messages that you receive

    Learn to trust your intuition by receiving validation for your direct communication with the higher realms.  Evidence helps you relax and act when you need to act, without second guessing yourself.
  • Are prepared to give yourself readings for any situation

    Know how to get answers to your questions and the most accurate information, when you need it most.

Hi, my name is Christina.  If we haven't met, I'm a Certified and professional Psychic Medium in Sedona, AZ.

I have given thousands of readings in one of the most competitive markets for psychic mediums in the world and trained hundreds of students in intuitive development and Spirit Communication. I have spent years helping everyone from beginners to the experienced, to discover and hone their ability to communicate with the other side.  Personally, I was always drawn to the other side. As part of my spiritual journey, I studied Spirit Communication for over 20 years, was invited to train with a well renowned psychic medium, and passed a rigorous certification process. 

I know that self doubt is one of the biggest barriers to believing in your ability to talk to your Spirit Guides, but results speak for themselves.  I'm proud that after working with me, many of my students became so confident in communicating with their Spirit Guides, they used the methods that I taught them,  to become professional Psychic Mediums or Spiritual Teachers and healers. 

Whether you want to feel the daily presence and support of your Spirit Guides or you want to fulfill the calling in your heart, I would love to have the opportunity to help you too!"

CHRISTINA WOOTEN, Certified Psychic Medium

Here's the truth about what you're experiencing right now...


You're already being purposeful and thoughtful about your life.  You know your decisions are important and you understand the power of intention.

Not only that, but you're always growing and improving.

However, up to this point, you've been afraid to act on the guidance you receive because you're uncertain about the Spirit World.


You can't "see" it, you aren't sure what - exactly - to pay attention to, and you don't even know if the things you're doing to connect are even working.


It's not like this is taught in school or anything.


As a result, you're failing to step into the life you truly want.  You feel stuck, and you need guidance ...

Preferably from a benevolent being who has your back.

Introducing: How to Confidently Communicate with your Spirit Guides 


A program for sensitive people, healers, and coaches who want to get their mind out of the way so they can do readings for themselves to help them confidently navigate any situation they may be facing.

What people are saying about this Course....

Amazing Experience, Off the Charts


Helped me trust my intuition


Here's what's Inside the Communicate with your Spirit Guides course



Module 1

Preparing for Spirit Communication

In this module, you will create an empowering foundation for communication with your Spirit Guides.  You will receive the Spirit Communication diagram and begin to understand your personal Spirit Team and their unique areas of knowledge and expertise. 

By understanding their unique roles, you will begin to develop greater discernment between the various sources of Spirit communication that you receive. 

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the 6 sources of Intuitive information and how to identify them
  • Learn the roles of your primary Spirit Guides and how they can support you
  • Hypnosis session for clearing and strengthening your channel for communication with your Spirit Guides
Module 2

The Perfect Recipe for Communication with your Spirit Guides

In this module, you will understand several key components about how your Spirit Guides transmit messages to you, and what you need, to successfully receive them consistently.

You will also understand your dominant psychic pathway and how to recognize messages from Spirit when they are transmitted to you. 

Module Highlights:

  • Your Intuitive Anatomy - what determines your sensitivity to Spirit and how to adjust it
  • Recognize the differences between the 4 different types of Spirit Guides
  • Attract the Spirit support you need to activate or improve the communication with your Spirit Guides
Module 3

Learn the Language of Spirit and Begin Communicating with your Spirit Guides

In this module, you will learn how your Spirit Guides communicate and begin communicating with them and receiving messages.

At the end of this module, you will have the opportunity to meet one of your Spirit Guides with a process that you can use again and again. 

Module Highlights:

  • Developing your personal language for Spirit Communication with your Guides
  • The 3 step process for direct contact with your Spirit Team
  • Meet one of your Spirit Guides 
Module 4

Establishing Daily guidance from your Spirit Guides & Receiving Validation

In this module, you will establish daily communication with your Spirit Guides.  You will understand how to receive validation for your communications with them, to increase your trust in your intuition. 

You will also begin providing the type of feedback your Spirit Guides need, in order to further sync and align your energy for advanced communication. 

Module Highlights:

  • How to receive the names of your Spirit Guides
  • Implementing daily communication
  • Improving your communication accuracy 


Module 5

Advanced Spirit Guide Communication 

In this module, you will take your communication with your Spirit Guides to the next level!  You will learn how to break through intuition blocks, you will learn how to lead contact sessions for higher level transmissions. 

At the end of this module, you will explore Oracle cards in a whole new way, so that you can make accurate interpretations and predictions of the information your Spirit Guides are sharing. 

Module Highlights:

  • Identifying and healing Intuition Blocks
  • Creating and leading your own Contact Sessions
  • Using and Interpreting Oracle Cards (without having to read the writer's interpretation)  
Module 6

Activating your Third Eye for Clairvoyance

This module is all about giving you the tools and resources to develop your Clairvoyant potential.  Clairvoyance is the ability to see Spirit and information within the mind's eye or projected outward to perceive with your physical eyes.  You will receive key practices for stimulating, balancing, and activating your Third Eye. 

You will also receive an additional lesson that will set you up for success for your future intuitive development, so you can overcome any obstacles in your path!

Module Highlights:

  • Best Practices to Stimulate and Balance the Third Eye
  • 4 key practices to adjust your vision to the Spirit World
  • The method for seeing Auras 
Module 7

Giving Yourself Readings!

In this module, you will bring all of your knowledge together and begin giving yourself readings.  You will learn how Spirit is able to predict future outcomes and which method of reading will best fit your style and situation.

You will become more at ease with receiving information from Spirit and more comfortable ensuring that your Ego is not influencing your messages.

The last lesson will guide you to sustain your momentum as you prepare for your intuitive future. 

Module Highlights:

  • Automatic and Inspired Writing
  • How Spirit predicts/determines outcomes
  • How to give yourself a reading, for any situation

Plus A Printable Workbook and Guides to help you through each module




You'll receive access to: 

  • 80-page Intuition Workbook to guide you through each Module PLUS  additional printable resources such as the

  • Universal Symbol Dictionary -  Printable book explaining the meaning of common symbols that Spirit Guides use

  • and the Spirit Guide Recorder - so you can easily keep track of who is helping you and the details you receive as you build your relationship with them.

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you’ll get:


[How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides]
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  • 7 high quality Modules to Implement

    A step by step process to guide you from confused to confident and empowered, in your communication with your Spirit Guides, in 7 weeks.  (Including 57, high-quality, professionally produced Videos plus bonus tracks and special features)


  • Intuition Workbook & Guides

Receive access to the 80-page printable Intuition Workbook plus special guides such as the Universal Symbol Dictionary to enhance your interpretation of the messages of your Spirit Guides.


 Plus these bonuses



Plus These Extras to Deepen your Experience 

Bonus 1

Guided Contact Sessions

Christina Wooten, Certified Psychic Medium will lead 7, Spirit Guide Contact sessions to facilitate deeper connection between you and your Spirit Guides.

(A $1008 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Seven, virtual, group sessions with Christina, to align your energy, practice your skills, and make contact with your Spirit Guides.

  • Guided experience
  • Aligning your Energy
  • Overcome challenges
Bonus 2

Private Facebook Group

Interact with other students of the course for encouragement, feedback, questions, study partners, and supportive community that understand the changes you are undergoing and your goals.

(A $150 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Access to a private, supportive Facebook Group, to get help or connect with our community of people who understand exactly where you are.

  • Ask Questions¬†
  • Receive Support from a likeminded community
  • Get new ideas and inspiration
  • A safe space to share your experiences
Bonus 3

Live Q & A Sessions

Weekly Q&A sessions with Christina Wooten, within the private Facebook Group.

(A $1,165 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Have the opportunity to have your Questions answered Live by Christina for specific feedback and support.  You will also be able to watch your fellow student's questions answered, to enrich your experience.  

  • No need to get "stuck".¬† Questions answered every week
  • Learn from questions you didn't even think to ask
  • Get personalized guidance and support

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


[How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides Course - $3800 Value] 

  • 7, Spirit Guide Contact Sessions with Christina - $1008 Value
  • Private Facebook Group- $150 Value
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions with Christina - $1,165 Value

Total Value: $6,123

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $6,123

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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7 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We know that when you follow our step by step process, that you will have success in developing your connection with your Spirit Guides. 

We offer a 7 day, money back guarantee.  If after 7 days from purchase, you decide that communicating with your Spirit Guides is a result that you are not striving to achieve, then we will refund your tuition. Requests must be made in writing to [email protected]  by the 7th day at 11:50 PM Pacific time.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Still thinking about it?


Let's face it...


  • You've read all the self-help and spiritual books one would ever need for a lifetime, thank you very much

  • You've spent so much time trying out elaborate practices just so you can relax and tune in - what you really want is to be able to communicate with your Spirit Guides on-the-fly

  • You've tried meditation, but it just doesn't fit into your lifestyle or suit your unique connection


You're exhausted from crippling indecision and staying in things you know you should have left long ago.


It's time that you learned an easy, intuitive way to quickly connect with your Spirit Guides so that you can make better decisions NOW.


Are you ready to have this powerful skill at your fingertips?


Then welcome to the course!

I can’t wait for you to join the How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides course


When I first set out to consciously communicate with my Spirit Guides, the gap between me and them felt so overwhelming! 

There were too many unknowns and no one seemed to be able to give me a straight answer to all my left brained questions - like why or how?  Were the practices I was using even safe?

I felt stuck in an endless cycle of seeking and consuming self development books...and frankly, I was frustrated. 

This seeking, led to years of intensive study which ultimately led to breakthrough after breakthrough.  It was obvious to me that a comprehensive system to Spirit Communication wasn't being taught - much less in a modern way, for real life. 

I don't want anyone to have to go through the same, long, confusing, and winding journey that I had to take!

What I love is that miraculous shifts occur each time. 

If you want to experience communication and collaboration with your Spirit Guides - and the confidence and sense of peace you get as a result - the time to act is now.


You're here reading this, so you're definitely hearing the call to communicate with the beyond. 

Stop ignoring it and join us in How to Confidently Communicate with Your Spirit Guides, and begin co-creating your destiny.


Many Blessings, 


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