How to Prepare for Connecting with your

Spirit Guides

A grounded approach to increasing your receptivity to your Spirit Guides through 5 simple shifts.



In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


Your Role in Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

You aren't waiting for your Spirit Guides... they are waiting for you!


How to Prep for Spirit Guide Success

The 5 mental blocks to Spirit Guide connection and how to shift your energy for positive connection with your Spirit Guides.  


You want to connect with your Spirit Guides, but are you really  ready

How to know if you are ready for contact and communication with your Spirit Guides.

I know that you might think that following your intuition and your energy means that you have to make a choice between living your dreams and taking care of your family and your real world responsibilities ... 

 This is where your Spirit Guides can help.  They are the experts in your unique circumstances and challenges and with this perspective can guide and support you to reconnect with your spiritual nature and the abundant, fulfilling, and joyous life that awaits - minus the guilt, stress, and self-doubt.

Here's the truth:

You are here to THRIVE - not suffer and compromise until you feel like a husk of your true self.

In the modern world, with so many different competing demands - burnout, exhaustion, health issues, and anxiety run high.  These are all signs that something isn't in alignment in how we are living.

Your Spirit Guides are an extension of the unconditional love, guidance, and support that is available to you when you open your heart fully and start prioritizing the spark of light that makes you - you!


Your Spirit Guides can help you find the courage, confidence, and trust in yourself so that you can overcome your obstacles and fully express your true, loving nature.


Whether you need help navigating difficult times, finding those experiences that will light you up inside, or get an accurate read on your options- your Spirit Guides are ready to help you do this and more.


If you feel an inner calling to reconnect with your heart and explore your spiritual gifts, this Masterclass will help you make 5 critical shifts, so you are prepared for contact and next steps.




This Masterclass is a must attend, if...

  • You have been hoping for more connection with your Spirit Guides, but it just hasn't happened yet. 
  • You feel uncomfortable with all the unknowns of opening yourself up to communication with the other side, but would like to feel safe and confident enough to take the big leap.
  • You have felt a desire to connect with your Spirit Guides, but aren't sure where to start or what to do next.
  • You are so ready to experience the everpresent support, wisdom, and guidance from your biggest fans on the other side.

If you resonate, then you are in the right place.

This Masterclass is the perfect next step in your journey to connect with your Spirit Guides!


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A personal Invite from Christina ...


I'm a professional, Certified Psychic Medium who has trained hundreds of people to connect with the other side. 

Having studied the Spirit World and Spirit communication extensively, performed thousands of readings, taught hundreds of students and private, intuition coaching clients how to communicate with their Spirit Guides -  I've discovered the formula for meaningful and lasting communication with your Spirit Guides. 

In this Masterclass, I'm sharing with you how make 5 simple shifts to prepare for contact and connection with your Spirit Guides. 

If you're truly ready to make this the year that your dream of communicating with your Spirit Guides becomes reality, I can't wait to share my experience with you - and guide you to the path of connecting with ease and grace !

See you there!

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