Feel Prepared,  Connected, and Purposeful as you align with the Energy Gateways of the Year

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Monthly Messages from Spirit & Lunar Calendar 

If you’re a Sensitive Soul and an Empath,  who is looking to navigate life while feeling inspired, supported,  and aligned then you already know that the energy around you and how you respond to it - can make or break your feeling of inner peace and connection.


As a highly sensitive person, you know that the Universal energies effect how you feel and how you respond. You know that you need to understand the energy of each month so you can plan with purpose and be more fully present with the positive opportunities available to you.

You know that with awareness - you respond from a place of love and compassion.  But when energies catch you off guard - you feel frustrated, stuck in energy overwhelm, and triggered...responding in old patterns rather than the consciousness you want to embody.

You also know you don't have 1,000 hours to devote to look up the important lunar dates, etc. and then research their meaning - even if you wanted to.


If you are asking yourself how this can be easy - - you are in the right place, Kindred Spirit!

All the work has been done FOR you. 

When you sign up, 

you will have the power to…


  • Access Exclusive  Monthly Messages from Spirit

    Exclusive Access to the Monthly Oracle Card Reading with Certified Psychic Medium, Christina Wooten.  Receive  monthly messages from Spirit about the energies of the month and golden opportunities for growth 
  • Integrate the Lunar Calendar 

    Integrate the Energetic Calendar for the year to your personal digital calendar with a few clicks.  Includes the dates and exclusive messages about the unique energy of each Full Moon and New Moon.  Plus the dates for Mercury Retrogrades and the Equinoxes and Solstices and info to help you understand their energy.
  • Plan your Year in Alignment

    Use the calendar dates and insights to plan your travel, business projects, and down time and avoid energy conflicts and take better care of yourself.


  • Plan Events, Classes, & Experiences for your Clients

    Have the information to maximize the energy for your classes and events and use the cycles of the moon to increase attendance.  Plan special events for your clients around these energetic cycles to help them get the best results when working with you.
  • Use the Moon Cycles to Aid Manifestation

    Live in harmony with the moon cycles to support your manifestations and creative energy. 

"As a professional psychic medium, I understand that working in harmony with the natural energy cycle of the Earth and Spirit maximizes your energy, and impact, and reduces  stress levels.  When we fight the current rather than learning to float and let ourselves be supported -  is when life gets really tough. I love to help you understand the current energy and see the world through Spirit's eyes, so you can find inner peace and ease. " 

Christina Wooten

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What’s Inside Your Subscription 



Exclusive Oracle Card Readings for Each Month 

Feel more peace as you understand the energy of each month and how to navigate it with the monthly Oracle Card Reading with Christina Wooten, Certified Psychic Medium. 

Intuitive Reading Highlights:

Get clarity so you can utilize the energy available to deepen your connection.

  • Each Month, you will receive access to the monthly Video reading describing that month's energy and additional messages from Spirit. 
  • Identify potential pitfalls and mitigate their effects
  • Understand healing opportunities available to you that month 
  • Intuitive direction about how to navigate the month with more ease and flow.  

 Digital Energetic Calendar

This digital calendar marks important energetic influences of the year.  The Lunar calendar is able to be integrated into Google calendar (or your digital calendar platform) with only a few clicks. You'll have easy access to this information plus the energetic significance of each event, by clicking on the calendar event of interest.

Moon Cycle Highlights:

Work with the Moon to deepen your connection and harmony and to manifest

  • New Moon dates and times in Eastern/Central/Mountain/Pacific/& UTC
  • Full Moon dates and times in Eastern/Central/Mountain/Pacific/& UTC 
  • The astrological sign of each Full Moon and a description of the unique energies of this moon and how it may effect you and those around you.
  • Discover which astrological signs may have difficulty under certain moons
  • The Manifesting with the Moon Guide to understand how to start using lunar energy to manifest and creative positive experiences in your life.
Mercury Retrograde Highlights:

Mercury Retrograde dates are clearly marked, so you can avoid stress by planning for and around this time.  Mercury Retrograde is known as a time of challenging communication, technological difficulties, and travel delays.

  • The periods of Mercury Retrograde are clearly marked.
  • The astrological signs most impacted by these particular retrogrades are noted.
  • A full energetic description of what Mercury Retrograde is, what the energy is like, what to absolutely avoid during this period, and what activities are aligned. 

Additional Highlights:

Take note of other important Energetic dates

  • The Equinoxes & Solstices.  Each one has a custom energetic description, so you can understand their significance 
  • Solar Eclipses, their astrological signs, and how they will impact you
  • The Lunar Eclipses, their astrological signs, and how they will impact you.


"Thank you for all of your wonderful messages.  They help me so much.  Thanks to you and your guides for helping me easily navigate the energies each month.  Most of all thanks for helping me stay on the right track."

- Ashley F.

When you enroll now,

you’ll get:

(A $400 Annual Value)


  • Exclusive Monthly Intuitive Readings

    A video released each month to guide you through the energies of that month.

  • Access to the Yearly Lunar Calendar

    A digital calendar that can integrate with your calendar in one click to give you instant access to the significant dates and their energetic meaning to you.
  • The Manifest with the Moon Guide

    Understand the significance of the New Moon & Full Moon phases and how to use them to connect more deeply.
  • Everything done for you!

    Hours of research, time, and energy saved.

The Lunar Calendar:

Monthly Calendar View

Each event is easily visible on your calendar, so you can find dates of significance quickly and easily.


When you click on the event, you will be able to read the write up and energetic significance of that event.

Energetic Significance is provided for  each event 

Get all the details with one click. 


When you click on the event, you will be able to read the write up and energetic significance for that event.

Monthly Oracle Card Readings 

 Access the Monthly Oracle Card Reading with Certified Psychic Medium, Christina Wooten, to receive Intuitive Messages to support and guide you.

Each video is filled with messages from Spirit about the unique energies of that month and how it may impact you spiritually, emotionally, physically, and more.  Christina guides you to understand how you can flow with these energies and create positive outcomes.

"Getting support each month is very encouraging and helpful"

- Sheila W.

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Still thinking about it?


This is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You are just starting to learn about moon cycles, manifestation, and astrology - you want easy to understand information so you can start applying it.
  2. You are familiar with how astrology, moon cycles, and universal energy impacts you, but you don't have any easy way to access all the information, so you miss opportunities.
  3. Feeling spiritually connected is important to you and you want support to help you keep your focus.
  4. You've made the mistake of not marking the Mercury Retrogrades before and experienced difficulty by not planning around them.
  5.   A done for you approach is the most realistic way for you to be aware of these energetic cycles and honor them.  When you are honest with yourself, hours of research, doesn't sound like something you really want to do.
  6. Excited to feel more spiritually connected and to integrate your spiritual world with other sides of life. 

I can’t wait for you to feel more connected and aligned.


 I created this service as a way to help others who really wanted to live in a way that honors their sensitivity, intuition, and prioritizes peace and connectedness. 

Through respecting energy cycles, and learning how to receive the gifts of even challenging periods - more self-compassion, ease, and beauty is available.

To do this, I created something this to be easily accessible and understandable.

I know that this can be the year that you step into your full power, give to yourself, and prioritize your inner peace.

 - Christina Wooten


“We’re makers of magic on a journey towards enlightenment. We’re at one with the skies and the heavens and all that lies beyond, and even if we can’t observe the heavens fully, or even give too much time to contemplating nature, connecting with the Moon reconnects us with the Divine – with our Divine selves and with the cosmos.”

- Yasmin Boland, Author of Moonology



“The Moon is earth’s oldest temple holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time… a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink. ”

- Dana Gerhardt


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